GCQuad Launch Monitor

Here at Willingdon Golf Academy we’ve invested in the best launch monitor available; GCQuad.

With the GCQuad’s advanced imaging technology and lightning-fast processor power, it is the most precise, versatile launch monitor available today.

With the GCQuad’s unmatched accuracy and sheer volume of performance data across every club from driver to putter, your virtual game experience becomes as true-to-life as it gets.

Features at a Glance

  • The Ultimate Game Changer
  • Indoors Or Outdoors
  • Unprecedented Insight
  • Endless Fun

Here at Willingdon Golf Academy we charge…

  • Individual 30 Minutes - £25.
  • Junior 30 minutes - £20.
  • Club Gapping - 1 Hour - £25.
  • Studio Hire - 1 Hour - £15.

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